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Yuhyun Park

Make countries compete over digital IQ


  • Reached +700,000 children in 107 countries

  • Works in 21 languages

  • Created a 100+ member coalition, including World Economic Forum and OECED

  • Increased digital citizenship in children worldwide by 10% on average, reducing cyber-risk exposure by 15%

Interesting fact from Yuhyun :

In 2008 an 8 year-old girl in South Korea was horribly raped on her way to school by a child-porn addict. Yuhyun had just had her first daughter at the time and she was shaken to her core. She quickly realized that the problem wasn't limited to individual child-porn addict, or individual victims. It pointed to something that had gone fundamentally wrong in our information society, where children are routinely exposed to cyber-risk. That's when she set out to start her first organization, Infollution Zero, to protect children online. She has since gone on to address the broader topic of digital intelligence, through DQ.


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