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Turning points take societies by surprise. This is a major one: where we shift from a few people making all the decisions to everyone being powerful. Meet the architects of this new reality – the world’s social entrepreneurs – and discover solutions that point to new norms for society, anticipate new markets, and inspire millions to be changemakers for the good of all.

Make Algorithmic Audits As Ubiquitous As Seatbelts

Why We Need Data For Black Lives

February 24, 2021

AI, Health, And The Future Of Human Agency

February 22, 2021

When Police Brutality And Digital Rights Collide – Lessons From Nigeria

February 22, 2021

The Erosion of Privacy, And Why We Need a New Social Contract

February 22, 2021

Traditional Fishers—The Unsung Heroes Of Ocean Conservation

February 10, 2021

Making The Internet Work For All. Why Multiplicity Is More Important Than Singularity.

February 20, 2021

Could Data Transform The Lives Of 500 Million Smallholder Farmers Worldwide?

February 19, 2021

Deaf Culture, Deaf Creatives, And The Quest For Language Exposure

When Gatekeepers Become Allies, Everybody Wins

The New Longevity: Brazil’s Gig Economy For Seniors

Good Journalism Explores Solutions

December 15, 2020

Why We Must Update The Law For The Digital Age

November 23, 2020

Organized Crime Is Destroying Our Planet. We Need To Spot The Patterns.

Seeing The Unseen: The Bias Of Algorithms

Yeshimabeit Milner on why we need data for Black lives
September 3, 2020

Lessons From The Frontlines: Preparing A Global Vaccine Workforce

From Surveillance To Agency: How To Center The Internet On Humanity

From Competition To Sharing: How Sharon Terry Revolutionized Medical Research

Engage With The Signal: Why We Need To Do More Than Shutting Hate Speech Down

Misinformation Spreads Faster Than Coronavirus: How A Social Organization In Turkey Is Fighting Fake News

Fact-Checking Stories About Covid-19

How a worldwide network of scientists, organized by Fellow Emmanuel Vincent, is kept very busy.

Respirators From 3D Printers

How the Spanish maker community, led by Ashoka Fellow David Cuartielles, fights Covid-19 from their...

AI, Solidarity And The Future Of Humanity

November 19, 2019