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Who is winning? Sharing profits

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The NFT emperor is wearing no clothes

AI, Health, And The Future Of Human Agency

February 22, 2021

Could Data Transform The Lives Of 500 Million Smallholder Farmers Worldwide?

February 19, 2021

From Competition To Sharing: How Sharon Terry Revolutionized Medical Research

AI, Solidarity And The Future Of Humanity

November 19, 2019

News Hour

Making community-owned Internet access universal in India

Wednesday, January 12
New York 09:00
London 14:00
New Delhi 19:30
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Ashoka Live
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Mutualism and the Next Economy

Ashoka Live

March 17, 2021
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Why We Must Update The Social Contract For the Digital Age

January 13, 2021


How do we protect our rights? Update the law

Who makes decisions in the age of machines?

Whose voice are we missing? Correcting bias in data and AI