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Whose voice are we missing? Correcting bias in data and AI

Finding the answers

Yeshimabeit Milner

Data for Black Lives

Regina Honu

Bridging the gender gap in tech


Make Algorithmic Audits As Ubiquitous As Seatbelts

Why We Need Data For Black Lives

February 24, 2021

Making The Internet Work For All. Why Multiplicity Is More Important Than Singularity.

February 20, 2021

Deaf Culture, Deaf Creatives, And The Quest For Language Exposure

Seeing The Unseen: The Bias Of Algorithms

Yeshimabeit Milner on why we need data for Black lives
September 3, 2020

News Hour

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Addressing algorithmic bias & building better tech

Ashoka Live

April 21, 2021
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Why we need data for Black lives

September 2, 2020


How do we protect our rights? Update the law

What replaces Patriarchy? Partnership

Who are the gatekeepers? Make them allies