Planet & Climate Learning Out Loud

Climate change and our relationship with the planet is the defining issue of our time. The earth's climate has changed and continues to change. And it interconnects with other crises such as the biodiversity loss, ocean acidification and soil degradation. The ripple effects are complex and catastrophic. Climate change isn’t an abstract problem that will only impact future generations or people far away; climate change is happening now and even if its impacts are currently uneven, all of us are being affected already.   

One thing is clear: climate change isn’t an environmental issue - it’s a whole framework issue – it’s about the economy, about power, about social norms, about identity. We are living in a critical moment, one that will determine the quality of life, and perhaps the very existence of future generations and of an Everyone a Changemaker World.  We have a huge opportunity, and an equally large responsibility to transform our society so that we avert the worst of the climate crisis.   

We want to play a role in helping people like you navigate the fast-moving Planet & Climate space. We want this site to be a place to spot innovations, support decision making and gather meaningful insights that foster climate agency. Our aim is to tap into the latent knowledge that sits within Ashoka's existing data sets, the information Fellows share about their work, and the wisdom we have access to in our network. 

“Learning out loud” is the practice of showing other people behind the scenes while you’re learning. It’s about making your ideas visible as they’re forming. It’s not a once-off output, it’s an on-going way of working in the open.