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Yuhyun Park

Yuhyun Park

Make countries compete over digital IQ

Dr. Yuhyun Park has created a new standard for digital intelligence - and ranks countries on how well they are doing in protecting their children against cyber risks like harassment, manipulation and online bullying. The Global DQ Index keeps track of digital intelligence (DQ) across 100 nations. DQI’s award-winning educational programs include the #DQEveryChild initiative, which seeks to empower 1 billion children with digital intelligence education.


Reached +700,000 children in 107 countries

Works in 21 languages

Created a 100+ member coalition, including World Economic Forum and OECED

Increased digital citizenship in children worldwide by 10% on average, reducing cyber-risk exposure by 15%

Interesting fact from Yuhyun:

In 2008 an 8 year-old girl in South Korea was horribly raped on her way to school by a child-porn addict. Yuhyun had just had her first daughter at the time and she was shaken to her core. She quickly realized that the problem wasn't limited to individual child-porn addict, or individual victims. It pointed to something that had gone fundamentally wrong in our information society, where children are routinely exposed to cyber-risk. That's when she set out to start her first organization, Infollution Zero, to protect children online. She has since gone on to address the broader topic of digital intelligence, through DQ.